As we come to a close on 2017 and as promised to my subscribers I have taken some time in organizing a Frequently Asked Questions Vlog based on the most popular questions Ive been asked since starting this journey at the beginning of the year.

The questions asked were of great intuitiveness and luckily enough the secret behind the answers is revealed in the interviews below. Over the next 6 weeks leading up to Christmas I will be releasing this exclusive interview for my readers in short 4 minute films.

All you have to do simply revisit this post in the upcoming fortnights to watch the next installments of my VLog. (I will also share content)

Some of this content is Confronting but it is the reality we have lived, do not be disheartened by the responses. We have answered your questions as positively and as in depth for you the subscriber to understand what it was like for my family having a child with CF.

I appreciate your every response and connection I receive and intend to answer more questions in the new year so do not hesitate to contact me with your feedback or questions you may have as a parent or subscriber, Thank you.

10/12 PART 2:

As promised, here is part 2 of the FAQ’s Vlog. To be honest these were the most confronting questions for my parents to answer. I’ve been hesitant to release such raw content and cannot thank my Mum and Dad enough for the honesty and heart they showed in this interview. Please respect their opinions and understand that every situation with cystic fibrosis is different. Thanks for all your feedback in advance.

29/12. Part:3

As anticipated, the most uplifting installment of my 3 part series, it has been a great journey with my family and viewers with such inspiring feedback throughout the posts. Part 3 includes a continuation of the viewer questions and a couple of questions I thought I’d ask my parents that maybe valuable for other parents to give them an insight on what their child might be thinking.

Thanks again for tuning in, I know you will enjoy the Vlog and I look forward to connecting with you over the course of the new year.

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